Rice Lake Boys Basketball League


    7th and 8th grade players needed for “A” Bracket
    Registrations still open for grades Kindergarten through 2

    The team picture schedule for “B” and “C” Bracket teams for Saturday December 13 is:


     8:30 a.m.            Hawks, Magic, Bullets, 76ers


     9:00 a.m.            Cavaliers, Nets (following the game)


     9:30 a.m.            Kings, Nuggets, Supersonics, Celtics


    10:30 a.m.           Bulls, Suns, Clippers, Trail Blazers


    Updated "B" and "C" bracket year-long schedules posted under "Schedules"

    2014-15 Updated Rosters:
    B Bracket | C Bracket

    The 2013-14 tournament brackets can be viewed below:
    A Bracket Tournament  |  B Bracket Tournament  |  C Bracket Tournament

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